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About Us

At the core of everything, we are lifelong gamers.

Over five years ago, we started on two projects, providing (in)game discounts and running our first gaming website. Today, we have a top-tier discount service with thousands of satisfied clients. We have a network of gaming websites with hundreds of thousands of monthly users. Our team worked on designing, developing, and publishing two mobile games.

Gaming passion is what fuels all our projects.

Our projects:

  • We develop and publish mobile games – Lionstale Games
  • We run a network of gaming websites – BMGMCHCPGW
  • We develop and publish apps and websites – Seko Network
  • We run an elite gaming club and the best discount service – Top Tier Club

Contact Us

At this moment, our live support is available every day, Monday to Sunday from 6h to 18h UTC. We aim to start working 24/7 by the end of 2022.

Contact email: [email protected]

Our requirements are quite simple:

  • We accept only good and honest people.
  • This is a club for positive game enthusiasts.
  • Basic understanding of English language.

Additional information is available through Live Chat on the website. Ask us anything you wish to know.

Voice and video support is available. Voice/video calls must be scheduled upfront through live chat.

If you wish, you can visit TTC HQ and be our guest. Drinks and food are on us!

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