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4.3 rating – 163K reviews

Hero Hunters

The most incredible free team-based battle royale. The World’s Survival depends on you – crush anyone who is part of the Kurtz army kingdom!

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About this game

Google Play Most Innovative Game Award. Build a Powerful Team of 100+ Heroes! Play the #1 in Third Person Shooting RPG Games. The most incredible free online multiplayer hero-based battle royale on mobile. 100+ Heroes to recruit and go hunting with! Ally with friends to ensure survival! Join epic games with friends in Co-op Missions and compete world-wide in Real-time multiplayer Online PvP Battles. Participate in Daily Events, Gauntlet Mode, Survival mode and Boss Raids!


  • Collect legendary heroes, each with their own unique weapons and special abilities.
  • Assemble the right team to take on the enemy. Mix up your roster to find the perfect combination – keep your tanks and healers on overwatch while your assassins and assault classes take down the enemy.
  • Choose sniper, assault, shotgun, magic, fantasy, warrior, robot, sniper assassins, and cyborg heroes
  • Play as your favorite hero and dynamically switch between heroes at any time during gameplay.
  • Plunder loot after each battle, level up your heroes, upgrade your abilities and perfect your loadout.
  • Immerse yourself in the single-player campaign as you fight against raiders, bandits and worse in a post-apocalyptic cityscape.
  • Engage in modern combat become the ultimate hunter
  • The battle is never over. Watch your hero squad dominate the battlefield.


  • Challenge your skills against other players in real-time multiplayer action-packed tactical PvP combat
  • Craft a tactical squad of up to 5 heroes and dominate the leaderboards and leagues
  • Join forces with your friends to build an unstoppable modern military alliance
  • Beat your rivals in intense time-based event competitions focused on both solo and strategic group play.

Game Details

Genre: Battle Royale

Platform: Android and iOS

Release Date: Jan 31, 2018

Developer: Deca Games

Rating: Teen


Website: Hero Hunters

Email: [email protected]

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