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Top Tier Club accepts payments in crypto (BTC, USDT and ETH), bank-to-bank transfers and through PayPal.

We are working with other payment processors and aim to expand payment options to Credit Cards, Wise, and more. Feel free to check with us for updates on payment processors.

Accepted cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Tether (USDT) – both trc-20 (preferred) and erc-20
  • Ethereum (ETH) – erc-20

PayPal payments:

  • Invoices with detailed information are sent to every client
  • Clients need to reply to weekly/monthly orders confirmation emails

Crypto is the fastest, cheapest, and most secure way of sending/receiving payments right now. This is the main concept of blockchain. We can provide 50-100% bigger discounts with crypto payments.

With crypto payments, none of those problems exist. It is safe, it is fast, and you get bigger discounts.

Satisfied Clients

Completed Orders

Bitcoins Traded


All orders for both Steam and Mobile games are done directly with our support through live chat. Every order is handled by our team from start to end.

There is no fixed price or discount. We create discounts for every client depending on the payment processor, in-game shop currency, deposit amount, and of course, the game.

For better orientation, we will provide a range of discounts you can get with TTC.

PayPal payments:

  • Steam – 10 -14% off on both games and in-game items
  • Mobile – 10 – 16% off on game packs and bundles

Crypto payments:

  • Steam – 15 -18% off on both games and in-game items
  • Mobile – 15 – 22% off on game packs and bundles

Bank-to-bank transfers are reserved for deposits. Our team will provide all the necessary information for this payment option.

For all the information about the payments, placing orders and prices please contact us through Live Chat or send an email to [email protected]

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