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mech arena v003

4.4 rating – 316K reviews

Mech Arena

Mech Arena is a fast-paced PvP mech shooter with competitive mayhem for everyone. Take on the world in the most explosive, fun, and chaotic sport!

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About this game

Mech Arena is a FREE quick-fire competitive robot game with explosive PvP team battles, deep combat tactics, and limitless customization.

Just select a war robot from dozens of options, equip it with the perfect weapon loadout, and take on all comers. Then, customize the looks and stats of your bots as you rise up the divisions to reach the top. With instant team matchmaking, you can go from pocket to live battle in this robot game in less than a minute.


Are you a stealthy sniper or a short-range shooter? In this robot game, every map favors different mechs and tactics. Play under the neon lights of the Forbidden City or take your combat to the stars at Elon Station Gray. Explore and master them all!


Strap in and enter a new era of robot fighting games. With over a dozen distinctive bots and 35+ weapons, you can counter any tactic. Upgrade your favorites and trick them out with 500+ skins to express yourself in the PvP arena!


Blind your rivals’ best shooter with targeting jammers. Wreck their war robots by ramming them. Deploy energy shields, repair fields, jump jets, and more. Know when to use the abilities of your bots if you want to win in combat.


Hit all your objectives in weekly Events or battle through competitive Tournaments to show that you’re a cut above the rest. Prove your worth to win big, and write your name in Mech Arena history.

Game Details

Genre: Battle Royale

Platform: Android, iOS, Browser

Release Date: Aug 9, 2021

Developer: Plarium Global Ltd

Rating: Pegi 12


Website: Plarium

Email: [email protected]

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